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Ali Baratali, a dedicated, reliable, hardworking, friendly and helpful person. Ali has been connecting with people since a very young age, in fact, Ali enjoys connecting with people so much that he speaks 3 languages! Ali says it's what sets him apart from his competition. As a Sales Agent at LJ Hooker in Dandenong, Ali is clear about his professional goals. “I want to give the highest possible service to my clients,” he says. Ali previously worked in the car sales industry, helping many people who were purchasing one of their other big life assets, before he decided to make the jump and embark on a career with LJ Hooker. Ali's work ethic revolves around professionalism, he doesn't accept that people should settle for anything less in this industry. Achieving results for clients is the most important thing to Ali because he believes that “advertising brings in customers, but word-of-month brings in the BEST customers”.

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