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BMPG believes in a strong team. Over the years Barry, Managing Director of BMPG has used this principal across all aspects of his life. Every person on his team is there for a reason and to make a difference. Barry has been dealing in property over a number of years and his newly established group BMPG is ready to open opportunities in residential, commercial, investment and overseas. His group has been hand picked by Barry to ensure each facet of the business structure has a team member with the strengths in that field. Alan, a builder and entrepreneur, Graham a developer and entrepreneur, Coral fluent in 3 languages and our Chinese liaison person and Kathie our Admin lady stand with Barry to provide a service and network other businesses would envy. Whether you are a small investor, multi-national company, farmer, 1st home buyer or an international purchaser we respect your requirements and endeavour to satisfy your needs. Every deal is unique and every person is unique. We thank you for considering BMPG.

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