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We provide properties to Barter Members. Bizspot is a business platform for alternative opportunities in the marketplace. The Bizspot platform offers FREE access and memberships to anyone to participate and find an alternative solution. Once signed up, our members can enjoy many benefits, such as: -Businesses that can offer genuine discounts. -Discounted products or services or unique special offers. -Deals that are available in other alternative marketplaces, such as barter exchanges or exclusive discount clubs. -Unique cashless investment opportunities. -Free access to bartering and alternative offers. -Reviews and rating other members. -Lead generation. And much more... At Bizspot, we educate and encourage our members to understand the power of business “spare capacities” and introduce them to alternative marketplaces to explore whole new ways in generating new transactions and to take advantage of new opportunities. There are three different kinds of members in our networkwho benefit differently from this concept: Businesses, consumers and freelance marketers Businesses By joining the Bizspot, businesses automatically get listed into our sophisticated business directory to promote their business to thousands of other members and to the world of new buyers. For a business to qualify, it must offer a special discount to other Bizspot members. Consumers All members of Bizspot are potential consumers. All consumers at Bizspot encouraged to ask for special Bizspot discounts or if they could pay part of payment by interest free barter credits that they can borrow interest free from one of our affiliate barter exchange before accepting to purchase. Marketers Bizspot is the perfect hub to generate extra income. Freelance marketers are encouraged to register for an account and form agreements with business members to refer them to customers. Every time a sale is achieved through a referred to a business by a marketer, the business must agree to pay a commission for the referral. There are no fees or commissions when members contact each other directly. The Bizspot international concept was formed by a group of leading Australian business entrepreneurs to assist businesses find new ways in generating new sales, reducing costs and moving business spare capacities in mainstream and alternative marketplaces. With local offices in different countries around the world, the Bizspot network becomes a one stop place for everyone to connect with other international businesses and take advantage of global marketplaces. Bizspot Local Offices Bizspot international offices, also known as “master licensees”, manage the Bizspot operation in that particular country. Local offices, also known as the “licensees”, manage small teams of sales executives and freelance marketers in their geographical area to develop a network of businesses that they can promote in their territories. The office is responsible for all local networking, businesses promotions, supporting freelance sales team and providing administrative support.

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