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You have just 3 seconds to capture a buyer's interest when they're browsing online sales listings. How do you make an impact so they don't just scroll past? Home staging presents your home at its best by highlighting its best features. It creates an emotional connection between the buyer and the home because it evokes a feeling of a desired lifestyle. Statistics show that property staging can increase the sale price of a home by 10-15%, as well as resulting in a quicker sale. Maximum return in minimum time! At Elabana Property Styling, we specialise in helping both Real Estate Agents and home owners prepare their listings or homes for sale. When dressing the home, we consider its style and the demographic or target market, and style it accordingly. We can provide as little or as much service as you need, whether the home is occupied while it's for sale or it is vacant. Call Michele now to book in a free, no obligation half hour phone call to discuss how you can achieve these desired outcomes!

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