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Why choose Fiona Landreth, Buyers Advocate?

It's a privilege to work with clients who need help with more than ‘just' the property market minefield. With nearly 15 years' experience as a property specialist and a wealth of industry know-how and know-who, alongside my personal experiences of loss and divorce, I navigate the complex maze of buying and selling property for my clients, and manage the process that delivers certainty again to their future; a new start in a new home, allowing them to take ownership of tomorrow. Through my client-centred, integrative approach to buying and selling property, I work as part of a Separation Team with people who are going through a difficult time due to separation and divorce, the loss of a loved one or a change in financial situation. I tailor my services to each client's individual needs and remove the stress of uncertainty from at least one part of their life – that of finding or selling a home. I coach my clients through every part of the process and manage all aspects on their behalf: if selling a home, this includes finding ‘the right' sales agent from the overflowing pot of agents, and mediating between ex-partners and agents in order to counsel the best way forward for my client's needs. If buying, it includes conducting extensive and thorough research and due diligence in all areas of the buying process, removing the potholes to give clients a smooth journey through the buying process during this rocky time of their life.

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