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Diane is a fully licensed real estate agent and long-term property investor. With a wealth of experience in investing, buying and selling residential and commercial property since 1980, Diane brings a great history of knowledge to her role as a buyers' agent. Diane is passionate about the buyers' agency industry and in helping her clients to achieve home ownership or their investment goals. Her specialist knowledge enables her to assist and support her clients throughout the property purchasing process, ensuring they make an educated and informed decision. Diane specialises in purchasing family homes, apartments and investment properties, including commercial property, providing an accurate and objective assessment of properties, combined with exceptional communication skills, effective negotiation and organisation, ensuring her clients locate quality properties that meet their specific requirements. As a result of her active involvement in the real estate industry, Diane also has access to many off-market (not advertised to the general public) and pre-market properties (properties that have not yet had their marketing campaign commence).

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