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Lin Andrews, Founder and Group Chairman, shares…… “Our Group history goes back to 1969 when my wife (Bunty) and I sat one Saturday night free from socialising. We paused to consider our privileges…. Our questions… “How can our lives make a difference?” That night we resolved to do something very bold! At the time of these decisions, South Australia was implementing its Development Act 1967 – 1972 and talking a lot about tourism. We built holiday flats at West Beach and then at Grange. These were followed by an office building, a warehouse and several homes. During those first years, we invested and established a number of companies in diverse industries but always achieved our greatest satisfaction in the property industry. We became agents as well as developers! As agents we had a passion to assist people who were not generally trusting of Real Estate Agents. Our Agency business grew disproportionately to our other activities… possibly because we really liked helping people. Most people lacked confidence in their ability to invest in the future. People were disillusioned with the repetitious collapse of other investment schemes which rose to prominence from time to time. It continues to have a commitment to Property Investment as a means of not only creating and storing wealth, but more importantly directing money into long term assets for the benefit of both the owners and the occupiers of those assets.

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