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Odour Control Systems advanced Commercial Odour Control and Scenting Systems eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses that cause odours, ensuring a safe, healthy and clean environment. Elimination of unwanted odours at the source so you can breathe easily. Broad range of scenting fragrance products for hotels, garbage chutes, and all facilities alike. We are a 100% Australian owned company that has grown from its humble beginnings to become a market leader in the Australian odour control industry. “People are our greatest asset”, innovation, quality & trust is our passion. A Family business with family values drive our commitment to genuine odour control solutions and a vision to improve the lives of everyone that works along side us, in all facilities we are involved in. Our Solutions and innovations will provide a one stop shop for all your air sanitation requirements. Communicate easy with us so we can deliver exactly the solution you deserve time and time again. Whether it be a scent in your foyer, an ozone system in a greasetrap or a combination of the two up your garbage chute we will custom build to your specification and budget. Then go a little further offering you more than you expect and deliver slightly more again. This is the customer service we are accustomed to and what you expect from Actualised Industries. “Actualise your potential”

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