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Why choose Ozway Realty?

Ozway Realty was founded in 2013 and is Australia's first real estate membership that fully services successful real estate agents. We're not your traditional agency. How are we different? For a start, we are a collaborative membership organisation, not a hierarchy. Our model is based on simplicity, integrity and transparency. Real estate agents working with Ozway are known as Family Business Members. They are their own boss and a member of our collaborative business with a high degree of autonomy and they keep more of their commissions. Ozway only charges its Family Business Members a single, flat rate fee on a sale. Ozway members receive full back-end administrative support services from head office, which allows them to locally create better quality relationships, resulting in more satisfied buyers and sellers. In short, Ozway provides the support that enables our members to focus on better outcomes for all parties whilst providing the best possible customer service. ~ A Better Way to Do Real Estate ~ If you like our vision and believe it's worth exploring, contact us today to arrange a confidential chat.

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