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PR Australian Properties are a family owned and run business. We constantly research the Australian Market to identify performing areas and help international families invest safely in Australian property. PR Australian Properties understands the different concerns that people have when investing in property and take the time to answer all the questions that you may have; and likely raise ones that you may not think to ask. From the start, we help identify your investment objectives and work closely with all the relevant parties to ensure that they have your interests at heart. Thorough research and sound knowledge is the key to sourcing profitable properties in the right areas of Australia, at the right time for the right reason. Our family promises to guide you through the complexities of the unfamiliar offshore procedures. At PR Australian Properties, we specialise in locating the very best properties in Australia for non-residents, and have worked with South African investors since 2001. Our on-going research is based on a stringent 10 Point Property Test which has been proven to identify sound property investment opportunities in key areas. The 10 Point Property Test 1. Socio economy of the area 2. Supply and demand, preferred style of property in area 3. Presence of owner occupier vs. renters 4. Development money and infrastructure in the area 5. Employment in the area 6. Timing 7. Default history of the area 8. Population growth in the area and demographics (age) 9. Potential for gain 10. Sales history and valuations

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