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Australian owned & operated real estate network. Our passion is helping you find your best way of living. We have 300 offices worldwide & are committed to using our prop-tech, local & international knowledge to help make your property dreams come true. Iconic Australian brand Raine & Horne is a household name, strongly associated with Australian real estate since 1883. As the company has grown, so too has its brand awareness. In 2008, and again in 2013, Raine & Horne achieved enviable status as an officially recognised Superbrand. It was voted as one of Australia's most trusted brands by the Superbrands Council, a voluntary panel of highly-respected and experienced individuals from the fields of business and marketing. Raine & Horne shares this enviable rating with the likes of other iconic Australian brands such as Qantas, Bonds, Coles and Telstra. In the second decade of the 21st century, Raine & Horne refreshed its brand and launched a renovated identity, combining the brand's many strengths with a sophisticated, contemporary design and welcoming feel. At the core of the new identity is a unique hand-crafted ampersand symbol which represents Raine & Horne's brand ideal, ‘Positive Partnerships', encompassing the relationships between ‘vendors & buyers', ‘agents & vendors', ‘agents & buyers', and ‘property managers & tenants'. To this day, the Raine & Horne brand continues to strengthen, grow and evolve.

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