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Senior PIA (Property Investors Alliance) Sales Partner and Licensed Real Estate Agent, Wendy Wei has achieved fast-track success since joining the agency in 2012. As Senior Partner, Wendy leads a team of 30 sales agents, coaching and mentoring them to achieve strong results. Wendy utilises her extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of the Sydney property market in order to attract the right talent, and in the provision of winning sales training. As a stay at home mum, without prior real estate experience, Wendy showed her utmost dedication and determination to achieve fast-track status, the most senior sales position, having worked her way from Sales Associate to Senior Partner in 2013. Wendy has built an impressive client base for herself, mostly through word of mouth, networking and applying her customer relationship skills. She has achieved long lasting relationships through her excellent customer service skills. Her clients trust her honesty implicitly, Wendy doesn't make a promise she can't keep. She is passionate and committed to helping her clients and team to leverage property in order to achieve their goals - whether it's a sales agent seeking to build their business, or a purchaser seeking financial security or early retirement - Wendy dedicates herself to share her knowledge and guide them on their journey. Wendy's investment philosophy looks at property investment as a means to secure a brighter future. She understands property and believes that the Sydney property market is still the best place to invest. Those who have crossed paths with Wendy are thankful that she has changed their lives and encouraged a new way of thinking about investment.

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